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The Benefits of Synthash

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Introduction to Synthash


Synthash is a revolutionary concrete admixture that leverages advanced nano-ceramic polymer technology to enhance the performance and durability of concrete. This eco-friendly, non-toxic additive offers a range of benefits that address significant challenges in the concrete industry.


Improved Strength and Durability


Increased PSI and Tensile Strength


Synthash significantly increases the PSI (pounds per square inch) of cured concrete by 22-32%. This enhancement provides a much stronger substrate, reducing the reliance on superplasticizers. The interaction of nano-scale particles within Synthash improves both compression and tensile strength, creating a more resilient concrete mixture.


Reduced Porosity and Enhanced Waterproofing


The molecular bonding created by Synthash reduces the porosity of concrete, resulting in a denser structure that limits water intrusion. This makes the concrete more resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and chloride ion penetration, which can lead to rebar oxidation. The reduced porosity also enhances the overall durability and lifespan of concrete structures.


Enhanced Workability and Application


Low Slump and High Workability


SynthAsh allows for higher workability with a lower slump by utilizing nano-clays that provide an ionic charge to the mix. This results in stronger concrete mixtures that require less water, improving the ease of application and finish ability. And lower labor costs because of the efficacy of the product not having to be reworked. The concrete will conform to the forms!


Superior Pumping Agent


As a pumping agent, Synthash excels by creating a non-stick surface that increases the flow of concrete through hoses and pumps. This property ensures smoother and more efficient concrete placement, reducing downtime and labor costs.


Eco-Friendly and Safe


Green Product


Synthash is designed to be safe for the environment. It reduces the need for harsh chemicals typically used in concrete mixes, providing a safer alternative for both construction workers and the surrounding ecosystem.


Easy Form Release


Synthash-treated concrete does not bond to plastic, wood, or metal when wet, making form removal and clean-up much easier. This property streamlines the construction process and reduces the time and effort required for post-construction cleaning.


Practical Applications


Active Cure Technology


The active cure technology of Synthash, involving mesopouric inorganic polymers, ensures efficient hydration of cement particles. This leads to faster set times and reduced early-age shrinkage cracking, contributing to a more durable and stable concrete structure.


Enhanced Pervious Concrete Systems


Synthash is particularly effective in pervious concrete systems, where it strengthens the bonds between aggregates. This results in better surface water management and increased resistance to compression and freeze-thaw damage.


Synthash offers a host of benefits that make it an invaluable addition to modern concrete formulations. From improving strength and durability to enhancing workability and eco-friendliness, Synthash represents the future of concrete technology. For more information or to incorporate Synthash into your next project, contact PGS Printing & Graphics at 516-599-0400 or use the contact form on our website. Ensuring the highest quality in your concrete projects has never been easier with Synthash.

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