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The Future of Concrete

GMH Global Tech has developed an Eco-friendly, non-toxic liquid additive for concrete based on its recently developed Nano-ceramic Polymer Technology (NPT- Synthash). Due to its nano-scale (<2-50 nm), Synthash interacts at the atomic level with the cement and aggregates to improve the physical and chemical properties of the concrete. This nano-technology represents the next generation of “Green” high-functioning additives for Portland cement-based products.

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Dynamic Synthash Structure

The four atomic layers of the ceramic structure complete a 180º horizontal rotation and slight vertical displacement of the subsequent layer relative to the parent layer. This inter-digitation of ceramic atomic layers provides additional strength and more surface area (due to increased ceramic units within the same space), increasing the cement's tensile strength.

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Green Product

Synthash is a non-chemical green formulation that helps reduce exposure to other harsh chemicals used in concrete mixes—created to be safe for the environment.

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Increase P.S.I.

Synthash is shown to increase the PSI of cured concrete by 22-32% providing a much stronger substrate and reduce the cost of using superplasticizers. 

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Low Slump & Workability

Synthash allows a higher workability with lower slump using less water due to the ionic charge to the mix with the use of nano-clays, which equates to stronger concrete mixtures. 

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Water Proofing

Synthash creates a molecular bonding of the materials used in the concrete mix to reduce porosity, which produces a much more denser concrete that limits water intrusion. 

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Pumping Agent

Synthash is the best pumping agent on the market today, the ionic charge creates a non-stick surface and increases the flow of concrete to hoses and pumps.

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Easy Form Release

Synthash when wet will not bond to plastic, wood or metal, which makes for easy cleanups on forms and molds. 

Synthash Technical Advantages 

  • Increased tensile strength while curing.

  • Increased compression and tensile strength in cured concrete.

  • Ionic emulsification and increased density.

  • Active Cure Technology.

  • Reduced porosity.

  • Improved pervious system interface.

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