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Elevate Your Presence with Trade Show Essentials

Complete Package Kits, Signs, Banners, Brochures, Customized Folders, and Promotional Items

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Participating in trade shows is an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to spotlight their offerings, engage with potential clientele, and forge connections within their industry. A pivotal component to leaving an indelible mark on these occasions is the strategic use of compelling trade show signs. At PGS Printing & Graphics, we guide you through various signage options, alongside brochures and customized folders, to enrich your booth's appeal. In this installment, we also introduce the concept of promotional items, an effective tool to further your brand's reach during these pivotal gatherings.

Types of Trade Show Products

Trade Show Booth Kit Packages

Are you interested in creating an exhibit booth that will be the number one eye-catcher at your next event? Attract attention and build brand awareness with PGS's custom 10x10ft to 20x20ft booth designs are available. Our aluminum-framed booths are manufactured to be easily transported and dismantled, offering an efficient option for advertising at any event.

Standard 10x10 Kit Includes:

  • 1pc Custom 6.4ft (Width) x 7.5ft (Height) Flat Tension Fabric Backwall Displays

  • 1pc Custom 3.2ft (Width) x 8.2ft (Height) Angled Top Tension Fabric Backwall Display

  • 1pc Custom 65in (Width) x 12in (Height) Oval Tension Fabric Header

  • 1pc Tension Fabric iPad, Tablet & Literature Banner Stand

  • 1pc Hard Case to Podium with Custom Printed Graphic

  • 1pc Trade Show Display LED Lights & Clips

  • 1pc Four-Layer Collapsible Triangular Display Tower Counter (Supports up to 5 lbs Each)


Retractable Banners

These banners are a staple due to their portability and simplicity in setup. They're perfect for making a quick, impactful statement. Remember, clarity in your message and high-resolution imagery can significantly enhance their effectiveness. They are portable and reusable. PGS uses the highest-quality banner stands, the weighted bases without the protruding feet.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are your go-to for visibility across the bustling trade show floor. Available in myriad shapes, they ensure your brand is seen from afar and create a lasting impression.

Tabletop Signs

Ideal for detailed displays and close-up interactions, tabletop signs can spotlight key products or services at an approachable level for attendees.

Customized Table Covers

A bespoke table cover, often underutilized, can unify your booth's aesthetics and embed your brand's identity into every facet of your presentation. In addition to being able to be seen from afar, they are wrinkle-resistant and reusable.

Enhancing Your Display

Custom Lighting

Illuminating your display can transform its appeal, drawing attendees' eyes to your booth. LED lights are recommended for their efficiency and brilliance.

High-Quality Materials

The materials you choose for your signage speak volumes about your brand. Opt for durable, high-quality options to present your business in the best light.

Beyond the Signage: Brochures, Folders, and Promotional Items


Brochures are indispensable for exploring your offerings in depth. Ensure they are visually engaging and clearly articulate your products or services' value proposition.

Customized Folders

Elevate your handouts with folders that bear your brand, offering a polished package of your marketing materials.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are a new addition to the trade show arsenal and can significantly amplify your brand's visibility. From branded pens and USB drives to eco-friendly totes and water bottles, these giveaways serve as a constant reminder of your business and enhance brand loyalty. Select items that resonate with your brand values and meet your audience's needs to ensure they leave a lasting impact. What is the best promotional product? The one the client will miss when they misplace, lose it, or give it to another colleague.

At PGS Printing & Graphics, we're dedicated to crafting trade show materials that encapsulate your brand's essence and draw the crowd to your booth. From signage to promotional giveaways, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive suite of options to showcase your business effectively.

Ready to elevate your trade show presence? Call 516-599-0400 or email For more information or to start your project, visit our contact page.

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