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Trade Shows

Are you looking to present at a trade show? Although most trade shows happen through the summer months, many shows are run through the fall as well. If you are presenting at an upcoming Trade Show, PGS Printing and Graphics is the business partner you are looking for. PGS can handle almost everything needed for a Trade Show: the background signage, the table cover, the retractable banners, the handouts, giveaways, and just about anything else you can think about for that Trade Show.

The most important thing you hand out is information about your business, including business cards, brochures, and branded folders with all of your business information. You are going to want these handouts to not only be informative but memorable. Typically there will be several vendors who do what you do at the Trade Show. By creating attractive brochures, the best way to stand out is to make sure that the people who visit your booth remember who you are. If you have to hand out more than a standard brochure, the pages should be of good stock and designed based on your company’s branding. If you are handing out several pages of content, your best bet is to gather them together in a branded folder to ensure your pages are not lost or confused with other vendors’ pages. If your handouts are well organized in a branded folder, the chances of people reviewing your content when they get home are much higher than if you just handed people sheets of loose paper.

Studies have shown that promotional items are a great way to remind people of who you are beside the business information you hand out. Since you expect a lot of traffic, including people with different backgrounds and interests, you want to choose attractive, low-cost, and memorable. Pens are the promotional item go-to for most people. A wide variety of pens can be branded with your logo and phone number, including pens that double as a stylus for phones and tablets.

Other popular promotional items at Trade Shows include stress balls, microfiber cleaning cloths, or even a Dual Pocket Silicone Cell Phone Wallet. These wallets attach to the back of a phone, giving people a convenient place to keep a credit card, driver’s license, or a place to stash a few bucks of walking-around money.

Trade Shows offer an overload of information, and it isn’t easy to take in all that information all at once, so it is vital to have things that people can take home with them to help them remember who you are.

If you regularly present at a Trade Show or are presenting for the first time, call PGS Printing and Graphics at 516-599-0400 to learn how we can help you stand out.

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