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The Fabulous Fundraising Journal

Updated: May 3, 2022

With uncertainty about precisely what the new federal income tax laws will be, it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise funds for your charity, organization or cause.  With the specter of the charitable tax deduction being reduced or eliminated, people are thinking twice about donating to 501c3 organizations and local causes.

What’s a fundraiser to do?  It’s time to think outside the box, or at least outside of the venue.  Regardless of tax laws, many not for profits have reached the saturation point with their audience.  The same people get invited to the same events.  Once there, they are expected to buy tickets for raffles, Chinese auctions or a 50/50 drawing.  When you add a journal to your event, you expand your audience, because now people who can’t attend the event can still contribute.

For example, if your organization is honoring a member, volunteer or employee, a journal can help you to leverage their connections, including those who are out of town, to raise funds for the cause.  Anyone can place a journal ad, and every ad sold brings more money to your cause.

Journals can be formal or informal, small or large format and thin or thick.  Even school performances can benefit from printing a journal, and the families of the student performers will be happy to place ads in honor of their young performer.

A fundraising journal offers people connected with a cause and/or honoree to place a variety of ads at a variety of price points.  Some businesses will place a purely commercial advertisement – for example, the pizza place across from the high school might do this for a school play’s journal, which might be made to look similar to Playbill magazine.

Pricing is based on the size and placement of the ad, and the overall design is set to be congruent with the event it’s connected to.  In some cases, a journal might even be done without an event, or in place of one.

Here’s the best part… PGS Printing & Graphics Services has been a leading producer of fundraising journals in the New York City area for over 40 years.  When you print a journal with PGS Printing, you get the benefit of all that experience as we help you design a journal plan that is sure to make money for your organization.

We help you to determine an appropriate size and style for your journal, let you know what kinds of materials you need to collect, recommend a pricing structure and collect and layout the ads to design and print an impressive, and most of all profitable fundraising journal for your organization.

If you are in charge of development or fundraising for a not for profit organization, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with us at PGS Printing & Graphics Services to learn how a fundraising journal can help your organization.

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