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  • Glenn Pollack

Make This Year's Holiday Party One to Remember!

Since Halloween is coming up in a few weeks, the holiday party season will be upon us before you know it, and PGS Printing can help you turn an average party into a complete success! From invitations to branded napkins and coasters to party favors, we have everything you need to make this year’s party better than ever.

For many companies, this will be the first year they will have a party since before the pandemic, so you will want to do it right. PGS Printing has a relationship with Carlson Craft, so you have access to a full range of beverage or luncheon napkins which you can personalize with your company or organization logo. You can also choose from various designs for different occasions, which can also be personalized. If you want something a little sturdier, you can get either round or square coasters that can also be personalized with your full-color logo.

Make your party one to remember with party hats, funny glasses, noisemakers, leis, beads, and other party-related items.

While planning your party, you can also consider the opportunities you have for promotional items. For example, a popular item is a personalized calendar for next year. Whether you are looking for a foldable calendar card that can be carried in a wallet or something more substantial, such as a daily or monthly calendar, we can get it done for you. Other calendar options include desk, wall, or magnetic calendars.

Daily and weekly planners are a very popular choice. These planners come in various colors and can also be personalized with your company or organization logo.

A holiday party may be a time to show your employees, customers, vendors, and clients that you appreciate them, but parties are also a time to help with corporate branding and spreading goodwill. Small touches such as personalized napkins, party favors, and promotional items go a long way, and while everyone has a good time after the party is over, they are left with a token of appreciation with a useful item that keeps your name and logo right in front of them for the whole year.

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