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Thank you for considering PGS Printing & Graphics to work with you in handling your journals. PGS Printing has been printing journals since 1981, and we believe we have put together an almost foolproof system. We have never had a journal that did not make at least double the cost of the journal for the organization.

Requirements for a successful journal:

1) First, you must decide what size journal you will have. Typically, it will either be 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 5 ½. We have printed other sizes, but these two sizes are the most cost-effective.

2) All journals are set up the same way. You have the first section, which may talk about the

organization and events that are upcoming OR you are honoring a person or a bunch of people and speak about them. These black and white areas are the non-income producing areas, but these areas generate the most interest for the people reading about the Who's Who. Honoring a politician involved with the organization is always a win-win.

3) Now, you have the income-producing section, which can be as many pages as necessary to accommodate everyone. Up to 64 pages total, we will saddle stitch (staple) the binding, and if you are lucky enough to have more pages, we will perfect bind (similar to a paperback book) them. The cost is relatively the same unless you get into producing very large production runs (more than 500), but that is typically not the case with a small organization.

4) You have to decide how many books you want to produce. If you are only going to distribute the books at a dinner, then a simple formula would be ½ the number of invitees. If you are soliciting ads from businesses, they want to see their ad in the books, so be prepared to order more for them.

5) From this point on, we can determine your cost per book and pricing structure to ensure that the journal is successful.

We require a single contact point person who will coordinate the receipt of the ads, and this person will keep track of the ads in an excel spreadsheet. We can accept any ad in any format, but the preferable formats are high-resolution PDF, AI, EPS, jpg, tif, cdr, and more. We are cross-platform and can take files created on either MAC or Windows. ALL images must be 300 dpi or greater for the quality to be reproducible.

Regarding timetables, we will produce the journal as the ads are entered. Sometimes the organization has some specific reason to have ads a certain way, and we need to know this before compiling the journal.

The absolute drop-dead cutoff date is two weeks before your event. At that time, we will provide you with a complete PDF proof of the entire journal. This is the time to double-check that all ads are in the journal and all instructions are followed.

If there are any other questions, please give us a call.

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