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  • Glenn Pollack

Happy 5783!

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, will begin on the evening of September 25th this year. Yom Kippur follows shortly thereafter. PGS Printing & Graphics has been working with several synagogues for many years, printing their programs for the Jewish High Holidays and Books of Remembrance all those years ago. Since we are about six weeks out, now is time to start to gather your information and send that over to us to ensure that your programs will be designed right, printed, and shipped on time. Six weeks may seem like a long time, but you never quite realize how fast time can go when approaching a deadline. We can even send you samples of books and templates we have.

For those who may not know, while Jewish Holidays are always on different days according to the Gregorian Calendar, they are always on the same day based on the Hebrew calendar. The difference between the calendar is that the Gregorian Calendar is a solar calendar, based on the sun. In contrast, the Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar based on the moon.

Trivia related to why holidays move around aside, the unmistakable fact is that when it comes to celebrating Rosh Hashanah in 2022, time is quickly passing us by. If you are on a synagogue board, give PGS Printing & Graphics a call at 516-599-0400 to learn about the options available when it comes to printing a program. PGS Printing & Graphics Services has been helping not-for-profit organizations by producing beautiful journals and other printed materials for almost fifty years. When you work with us, we are with you every step to minimize the effort it takes on your part. PGS Printing can print your journal or programs in any size or thickness.

For many synagogues, the High Holidays are also a time to attract new members. Catch their eye and show off your style with a unique, upscale program or giveaways. With PGS Printing and Graphics Services, you will make a great impression, regardless of when the holiday is celebrated.

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