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Get Ready for Summer Camp

It might be a little early for kids to start thinking about summer camp. PGS Printing and Graphics has been working with Summer Camps for over 40 years, and we know what it takes to prepare for the kids to show up and start having fun.

We Help with Your Open Houses

When it comes to open houses to sell your camp to the parents, you need to be ready with all sorts of signs, banners, schedules, and promotional materials. Of course, the first things you will need are high-quality business cards and brochures. Besides the printed material you will hand out to new potential clients, we can help enhance your surroundings with vinyl signage that is great for indoor or outdoor usage. These signs are great for outdoor use since they are waterproof and printed with special UV ink, so the colors do not fade under the intense sun of the summer.

We can also take your high-resolution pictures and create posters to show the great fun campers have had in the past. These posters can either be printed on paper that can be rolled up when not in use or printed on a rigid background so they can easily be mounted on a wall or displayed on an easel or other stand.

Traffic Signs

While most camps provide bus service, in most cases, parents also have the option to drop off and pick up their kids. Avoid confusion with signs directing traffic to the pick-up and drop-off areas and help drivers understand the traffic patterns or where they can park.

Custom Apparel

Camp t-shirts not only help you brand your camp but are also a vital part of a camp's security plan during field trips. Having campers wear a camp t-shirt lets everyone know who is attached to your camp. If a kid gets separated from the crowd, having the camp t-shirt will help venue employees see where the child needs to go. It is also essential for counselors and group leaders to have camp t-shirts, so they are easily identified. It is also great to have counselor and group leader shirts be different colors. Bright colors stand out in a crowd and can easily be seen, giving you another level of security.

Camp Supplies

Besides t-shirts, it is common for camps to provide or sell additional branded equipment such as water bottles, backpacks, hats, scarves, or buffs.

Color War!

Color war is a staple of many camps. Make sure you are prepared for the ensuing battle! While part of the fun is for the campers to create their own signs and decorate their shirts, having branded t-shirts for team leaders, signs for each team, and a scoreboard not only helps keep the excitement up, it shows that you are concerned about the details that others might not think of. When parents see you are considering the small details, they know you are also thinking about the big stuff.

When getting ready for Summer Camp, PGS Printing and Graphics is here to help you prepare, so the kids have the time of their lives.

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