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Back to School Promotional Items

Promotional items are a vital part of your overall marketing and advertising plans. Recent studies have shown that most households have on average 30 promotional products, and more than half of the people questioned use a promotional product at least once a week. Promotional items also have staying power, with over 80% of people saying they keep many promotional products for over a year while over 40% say that they have had a particular promotional item for over 10 years.

Even though we are just coming into the summer, it is a great time to start to think about your back-to-school promotional opportunities. Colleges and Universities often give new students a swag bag as a welcome to the school. These swag bags contain items of different sizes, from pens to drawstring backpacks, to lanyards for ID cards to sweatshirts, all of which have their school logo on them.

Besides colleges, there are plenty of opportunities for promotional items for schools from pre-school through High School. School districts, Parent-Teacher Associations, and not to mention sports teams and clubs of all types are very active in schools and freely pass out items with their logos and contact information. Some popular school-related promotional items include calendars, customized pencil sharpeners, branded notebooks or folders, and water bottles. Water bottles are perfect for elementary school field days or gym activities.

Back-to-school promotional items serve many functions. Many school activities and programs depend on donations and promotional item sales to fund the program. School sports teams often fundraise to be able to travel for away games or special events. A local marching band sold t-shirts and other items to raise money to go to Washington, DC, for a national competition. Without these sales, the trip would not have been able to happen.

Parent-Teacher Associations also use promotional items as an incentive and a thank you for parents joining. These are often school-related items for the kids but may also include some swag for the parents.

Promotional items in schools are not always about promoting a business or used to generate income. In schools, water bottles, t-shirts, or ID lanyards generate school spirit and an esprit de corps between the students, teachers, administration, and parents. Branded items such as these lets the kids know they are part of something amazing and can be a huge part of turning the dread kids have about returning to school into something they look forward to. When kids see their teachers wearing the same shirts or using the same notebooks or water bottles, they have a better chance of developing a sense of pride in their school and push them to want to do better.

If you are looking for a great way to promote your school, organization, team, or club, now is the time to start thinking about returning to school in September. Call PGS Printing and Graphics at 516-599-0400 to learn more about our Back-to-School Promotional Items.

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